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Feedster's Search Technology

Our search technology dynamically monitors the world of RSS not a monthly basis like some search engines, but on a minute by minute, hour by hour basis. At the heart of the Feedster technology is a deep understanding of the (RSS, RDF, OPML, Atom) standards. We also continually monitor the leading weblog change notification sites such as www.weblogs.com, www.blo.gs, and others to make certain that the information from the blogosphere is as timely as possible. The backbone of the Feedster engine is a proprietary "auto-discovery" technology which understands the dynamics of the RSS/XML universe. All the indexed information is warehoused on our server farm where our full-text indexer operates and executes queries.

Excellent server technology isn't complete without an easy to use, robust front end. We've looked at how people gather information from blogs and RSS feeds and we use that knowledge to deliver just the right user experience. Searching for the timeliest content on the web? Just enter a query and press enter. The original posting has been deleted? No problem -- just click on the "cache" link and our Feed Cache will display the original posting.

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