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Why don't I just use one of the bigger search engines?

That's an excellent question -- one of the most common we get.  There are several reasons why Feedster may serve your needs better than the big guys.

Currency -- our index is updated continuously throughout the day.  Google tends to be, on average, a month behind.

Accuracy -- for some technical reasons that we need to better describe, Feedster can often be more granular and more accurate.

Focus -- Google, Yahoo, et al, hold giant global libraries.  Big, comprehensive and often kind of clunky. Feedster is the local newstand.  Precise, fast and focused.  We'll keep you up to the minute and give you today's Internet, not the entire last decade.

For more information, see Why Use Feedster.

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Specific Search Questions

How do I exclude or include specific feeds or websites?
There are two different methods of doing this. One is using our Advanced Search page and the other is using the tld:, site:, host:, and url: syntax described in our help section.

How are search results organized?
See Results Sorting, in our help section

Can I have Feedster in a languages other than English?
Feedster is ready for translation, but not yet translated.  Our whole index is in Unicode and the Feedster user interface is templated to make translation viable.  We are, additionally, now categorizing every blog we index by the country it is hosted in so if you are Australian and have a blog hosted in Australia, we'll pick that up automatically. 

Can I stop Feedster from showing me blog postings in languages I can't read?
We're in the process of adding this at present.

Does Feedster display characters from non-Western languages?
Yes.  Here's an example.  The fonts might not be perfect depending on your browser and operating system but we've tested them quite extensively and are very happy with the results.

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Blog-Related Technology Questions

What is a Blog or Weblog?
The terms weblog and blog arevsynonymous. Blog is a contraction of weblog. A blog is a place on the Internet where you can quickly and easily maintain a web presence composed of your writings, your pictures, your thoughts – anything at all. Blogs are generally organized in reverse chronological order with the newest material always at the top.

What is a permalink?
A key blog concept is the "permanent link" or "permalink". Most if not all blogging tools support permalinks. A permalink is just that – a link that is permanent. It allows you to always link back to something in a blog.

See also:

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Specific RSS and Feed Questions

How do I get my feed into Feedster?
Simply visit our Add a Feed page and add your RSS feed URL.  You can also specify your blog home page and blog title but we will automatically get this from your RSS feed if it is there.  We also automatically discover new RSS feeds every time we index.
Please note that if your RSS feed has errors, then it might not be indexed -- or indexed correctly.  Feedster is quite fault tolerant but there is a lot of flexibility in the RSS standard.  New feeds are generally added within twelve hours from when we receive them.
If you have a lot of feeds to add and don't want to do it manually, please contact us.  We have tools for batch additions.

If you want to make sure that the feeds you read are indexed, email us a url to your OPML file of feeds and we can add all feeds from there.

How do I get my blog removed from Feedster?
Easy.  We don't know why you'd want to, but just email and we'll get it taken care of. What we need to do this quickly and easily is your exact blog URL and RSS URL -- AS FEEDSTER KNOWS IT. This is the value that is set in your RSS feed. If you send us www.domain.com/rss.xml and your feed says that it is domain.com/rss.xml that is a problem. The best way to ensure that we handle your request promptly is to please tell us the correct information.

Why is Feedster is looking for files on my site that don't exist?
The RSS world is not completely standardized, and we look for different files when we can't find what the standards tell us to expect. Depending on your publishing tool, those files might not exist.  We try not to do this in a bad way (just http HEAD requests which are very low bandwidth).

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