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Brent Whitney
Vice President Engineering

Mr. Whitney comes to Feedster from LesConcierges where, as CTO and Co-founder, he focused on delivering CRM solutions to the personal services market. Prior to joining LesConcierges, Brent was CTO and Co-founder of healthshop.com, an eCommerce company aimed at the alternative healthcare market, and was instrumental in raising over $28M in venture capital and strategic partnerships. As technology chief, he directed technology efforts around CRM, WMS and eCommerce initiatives. Prior to healthshop.com, Brent served as senior technology consultant to E*Trade where he led multiple software development teams focused on building real-time content management solutions, including personalization and eCommerce products. Before E*Trade, Brent was Director of Engineering at Starwave Corporation where he was responsible for ESPN.COM, NBA.COM, NFL.COM, various Fantasy Sport Games and proprietary eCommerce technology that supported multiple subscription-based products. Brent spent eight years at The Boeing Company. He earned a BS in Computer Science/Math from Seattle Pacific University and a Masters Degree from Seattle University.

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