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Biz360 and Feedster Partner to Help Marketing and Communications Executives Measure Buzz, Surface Threats and Opportunities in Blogosphere

New Service to Provide Integrated Dashboard of Blog and Mainstream Media;
Advanced Text Analytics Automate Sentiment, Surface Topics and Influencers

SAN MATEO, Calif. – December 12, 2005 – Biz360®, the leader in market intelligence solutions, and Feedster Inc., the pioneer of RSS content syndication and search with the largest index of searchable feeds, today announced a partnership to help marketing and communications professionals glean intelligence from the increasing volume of blog and wiki content discussing their company, products and competitors, along with trends that may impact their businesses.

The new service, BlogView™, is the latest expansion of Market360®, Biz360’s award-winning market intelligence application. BlogView will leverage Biz360’s market-leading technologies to automate sentiment ratings and surface topics and influencers related to specific companies, products and trends. Biz360 uniquely provides this level of relevance by subject, which allows marketing and communications professionals to create and act on specific role or issue-based dashboards that can now present mainstream media and blog measurement in a single view.

Feedster will direct Biz360 to active blog feeds, enabling Biz360 to collect the content for text analysis. The partnership will allow Biz360 to identify and add new blog sources as they appear on the Internet. Biz360 is currently tracking over 15 million unique sources through Feedster, which includes blogs and wikis. Feedster has the ability to separate the postings of real value to marketers from fake content sites like splogs (spam blogs) that are not real blogs. Quality, up-to-date content and relevant analytics are both critical to market intelligence solutions.

“New forms of media and delivery vehicles, such as blogs, wikis and RSS, have created new challenges for marketers,” said Deborah Eastman, chief marketing officer for Biz360. “Our vision has always been to provide clients with a 360-degree view of their market and it is clear that postings and conversations occurring on blogs can have a profound impact on perceptions of brand value and company performance. With Feedster refreshing 19 million feeds each day, we can help clients ensure that nothing is developing below their radar.”

“The Blogosphere is noisy and hard to track since for every legitimate blog there are dozens more that are essentially fake. Feedster has an advanced ability to monitor everything in the blog world and provide Biz360 postings that are meaningful and actionable,” said Chris Redlitz, president of Feedster. “Feedster’s continuously updated database of active RSS feeds will help power the Biz360 service, providing marketing and communications professionals with reliable, best-of-breed monitoring and analysis capabilities.”

“Although media channels continue to fragment and the mass market continues to move toward niche audiences, disparate media sources are still connected and information moves freely between them,” continued Eastman. “An integrated view of different media types helps marketing and communications professionals understand the trends, influencers and dynamics of their market. Feedster’s proven leadership in developing and maintaining a comprehensive collection of active blog feeds on the Internet enables Biz360 to deliver the market feedback loop organizations require to stay on top of market trends and measure the impact of their brand investments.”

BlogView is available now as part of Market360, which includes RSS support, or as a standalone service. The capabilities will also be available through LexisNexis® MarketImpact™ and StrategyOne’s MediaMind.

About Biz360
Biz360’s market intelligence solutions provide real-time insight to Global 2000 and government decision-makers, so they can take action to shape the market and improve their competitive position. Our flagship offering, Market360, continuously analyzes global news and information aggregated across print, broadcast and online sources, including blogs and stock message boards, to deliver real-time intelligence. Industry leaders use Market360 to evaluate market sentiment, respond to competitive threats, monitor trends and issues, and measure marketing performance.

Our clients include AstraZeneca, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, PacifiCare Health Systems, Sun Microsystems, Verizon Services Group and Xerox. Biz360 can be reached at 866.424.9360 or www.biz360.com/.

About Feedster, Inc.

Feedster (www.feedster.com) is an established and rapidly growing pioneer in RSS-based technology and services. The company helps individuals and organizations harness the rich information available in the universe of RSS feeds, which includes blogs, traditional news services, e-commerce sites, and entertainment properties. Feedster’s search engine scans the Blogosphere constantly, providing a fresh look at the more than 19 million sources it tracks. Each day, Feedster adds millions of new content from existing feeds as well as finding tens of thousands of new sources. Feedster’s syndicated content service enables web publishers to aggregate dynamically-updated content that can be customized for their own site visitors.  Feedster’s advertising network matches marketers with the premium demographic audience of RSS subscribers through highly targeted channels in numerous vertical categories.

The privately-held company is based in San Francisco.

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