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Tony Guntharp Joins Feedster as Senior Software Engineer

Feedster, Inc., a rapidly growing Internet search engine and advertising network for blogs and RSS feeds, announced today that Tony Guntharp, well-known in the developer community by his blog name fusion94.org, has joined Feedster as a Senior Software Engineer, a newly created position.

Mr. Guntharp will develop software to power and extend the new Feedster Media Network, a way for advertisers to reach highly-concentrated vertical audiences through RSS feeds.

“Tony is bringing his experience in developing and deploying high traffic websites to improve all aspects of Feedster with a concentration on the Media Network,” says Scott Rafer, the company’s President & CEO. “He is a huge talent and we are pleased to have him at Feedster.”

Mr. Guntharp was the co-founder of both Konstrux Technologies, which implements gForge for companies, and Damage Studios. Damage Studios was a San Francisco based game studio working on Rekonstruction, a next generation massively multiplayer online game.

Prior to founding both companies, Mr. Guntharp worked at VA Linux Systems (now VA Software Corporation), where he (along with Tim Perdue, Drew Streib and Uriah Welcome) co-founded SourceForge.net and served as the Engineering Manager of the Web Technologies Group focusing on the development of Internet applications and the acceleration of the Apache and Tux web servers.

Prior to joining VA linux Systems, Mr. Guntharp was one of the co-founders of Fresher Information Corp, a San Francisco software company whose Core Technology involved the MATISSE Object-Oriented Database Management System. There, Mr. Guntharp  architected Internet applications involving Content Mangement Systems for ZDnet and craigslist.

Mr. Guntharp  has over 15 years of experience in Systems Engineering and Systems Architecture. Eariler in his career he worked for  healthshop.com, A3 Ventures, planet U, and at NTT's Multimedia Communications Labs. He is the co-author of  "Practical Linux" published by Que, June 2000 (ISBN: 0789722519).

Feedster, Inc., is a rapidly growing Internet search engine and advertising network for blogs and RSS feeds. Feedster’s helps individuals and organizations harness the rich information available in the new universe of RSS feeds, which includes blogs, traditional news services, e-commerce sites, and entertainment properties. Feedster’s search engine updates several times per hour, always providing a fresh look at over the more than 12 million sources it tracks. Feedster adds millions of new documents each day from millions of blogs and a quarter million professionally edited feeds from sites such as The New York Times, BBC, CNET, and Wired. Approximately 50,000 new sources are added daily.

The company has also developed an advertising network that enables marketers to target RSS subscribers in numerous vertical categories.

Founded in March 2003, the privately-held company is based in San Francisco

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