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“Everything that is timely and valuable on the web will be available as an RSS feed”

If you’re looking for breaking news and information from branded news sources, blogs, and listings search for it with Feedster. Feedster’s proprietary technology platform crawls the web continuously fetching updated posts and RSS feeds. This enables delivery of a fresh index of information from millions of sources more frequently than traditional search engines. As a result, Feedster has the largest index of RSS feeds. It leads the market today with a rapidly growing searchable index of over 20 million feeds and hundreds of  millions of XML documents. Think of Feedster as your daily information journal.

Businesses are already reaping the benefits of subscribing to feeds to find out what customers are saying about their products and to stay on top their competitors. Market intelligence is a key reason to subscribe to RSS feeds. Feeds for press releases are growing rapidly as companies realize the cost saving benefits and increased distribution in RSS.

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Examples of how people are using Feedster today:

Think of Feedster as the “Hot off the Press” RSS Search engine combined with the latest opinion about the news, business, products, travel, and any topic you can imagine.

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