J. Scott Johnson
Co-Founder & CTO

In early 2003, Scott founded Feedster, LLC to experiment with searching the vast world of weblogs. What began as a small scale technology exercise has quickly grown into a full scale business.  Scott Johnson is a successful entrepreneur, author, weblogger, speaker and technologist. In previous years, Scott founded NTERGAID, Inc, a vendor of publishing and search engine technology that was successfully acquired in 1996 by Dataware Technologies, Inc. Following a stint as Chief Technology Strategist for Dataware (a publicly handled traded company), Scott moved onto Mascot Network, Inc where was Vice President of Engineering. Among the books Scott has written are The Electronic Publishing Construction Kit (John Wiley and Son) and Essential Blogging (O'Reilly). He is a frequent speaker on PHP and open source issues as well as the author of the very popular FuzzyBlog.

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