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Feedster’s Media Network Delivers Sun Microsystems’ First RSS Ad Campaign

Feedster, Inc., a rapidly growing Internet search engine and ad network that provides timely and meaningful information from blogs, news and information syndicated using RSS, teamed up with Starcom Worldwide to deliver Sun Microsystems’ first RSS ad campaign. As the second highest traffic driving mechanism of Sun’s recent quarterly web event media plan, Feedster validates RSS and blogs as a medium to deliver timely and meaningful information and advertising.

Blogs provide open and direct communication for individuals and businesses alike. Readers can subscribe to feeds to receive the latest posts and actively communicate with authors and readers. The Feedster Media Network, a blog and RSS advertising network, provides a means for companies to reach the blogging community and subscribers to feeds. Feedster provides a fresh index across nearly 7 million sources several times per hour, adding millions of new documents daily.

“Starcom recognizes the synergy between this new format for publishing and the shift in audience behavior. We selected Feedster to integrate our message within relevant and timely content and deliver it to an audience that would help us extend our message,” says Brandon Starkoff, Associate Director, Starcom Worldwide.

“Blogs provide individual and community voice. They also extend their voice to multitudes of people through feeds. Feedster reaches the audience of millions of blogs and delivers a non-obtrusive, opt-in advertising format in RSS,” said Chris Redlitz, VP, Feedster, Inc. “We provide the opportunity for blog publishers to monetize their efforts with relevant advertising from advertisers like Sun.”

“Blogs are increasingly driving value and fueling growth opportunities for everyone. Feedster provides a way for us to reach this community in aggregate and effectively deliver our message,” said Rhodes Klement, Sr. Director Global Brand and Advertising, Sun Microsystems.

The Feedster Media Network provides a conduit for large advertisers to reach the vast audience of blogs and for bloggers to monetize their efforts with relevant ads from advertisers like Sun. For more information go to: Feedster Media Network

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