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Specific Search Questions

How do I exclude or include specific feeds or websites?
There are two different methods of doing this. One is using our Advanced Search page and the other is using the tld:, site:, host:, and url: syntax described in our help section.

How are search results organized?
See Results Sorting, in our help section

Can I have Feedster in a languages other than English?
Feedster is ready for translation, but not yet translated.  Our whole index is in Unicode and the Feedster user interface is templated to make translation viable.  We are, additionally, now categorizing every blog we index by the country it is hosted in so if you are Australian and have a blog hosted in Australia, we'll pick that up automatically. 

Can I stop Feedster from showing me blog postings in languages I can't read?
We're in the process of adding this at present.

Does Feedster display characters from non-Western languages?
Yes.  Here's an example.  The fonts might not be perfect depending on your browser and operating system but we've tested them quite extensively and are very happy with the results.

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