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Paul Murphy, Micrsoft

"I feel the need to add a blog entry because I learned two awesome things tonight. First, a fellow Hokie friend of mine pointed me to feedster.com. Sure, I'd heard of feedster and I think I've used it a few times, but didn't realize the full power of it until tonight. There are two main reasons why feedster kicks butt:
1. It is quickly updated. This is useful if you want to see the response of a large group after you deliver a presentation. I've learned some very interesting things about my style by reading other's blogs.
2. You can subscribe to a search feed! How cool is that, I'm sure that feature has been there for years but I just never noticed it (or never thought it was cool enough to notice) -- but it totally is. I can now subscribe to a few search terms that I want to keep up to date on from other's blogs (such as mono, my name, etc.)"

April 8, 2004 in Reviews and Opinions | Permalink


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