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Chad Dickerson, Infoworld, CTO

"Normally, when I have a tech issue to deal with, I reflexively head straight to Google. Today, though, I ran into a problem that was custom-made for Feedster -- without frequently-indexed weblogs and RSS feeds, I would have been spinning my wheels unnecessarily. I use Dreamhost, a relatively inexpensive and usually reliable service provider to host a personal domain. Today I was unable to reach my personal web site or get my personal e-mail on that domain due to an outage. Since the provider's home page was unreachable and I couldn't get any announcements via e-mail, I had no idea what was happening or whether other customers were having the same problem. Thanks to Feedster, though, I was able to run a search that quickly revealed that others were having the same problem. The problem was still frustrating, but at least I knew it wasn't just me, and somehow reading the griping from other bloggers made the experience a little easier to deal with -- it was the blogosphere equivalent of an electrical blackout when all the neighbors emerge from their homes to speculate about when the power might come back on...."

March 29, 2004 in Reviews and Opinions | Permalink


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